Friday, April 23, 2010

A Beanie-Baby Princess Bear After 13 Years!

It's been almost thirteen years since Princess Di was killed in a car crash. We were arriving in Washington D.C. at the time, having driven there with our grandparents for a ten-day vacation to our nation's Capitol!

As we pulled into the R.V. park Grampa bought a newspaper and found the front page news about the car crash. We spent most of the evening watching the news and listening to the radio. Days later we watched the funeral on television and drove past Embassy Row which was so filled with flowers and presents in honor of Princess Di that they actually closed the road off. Grampa went home and bought one of the commemorative Beanie Baby Bears called "Princess", in honor of Diana. He payed a pretty penny for his and kept it under a little dome on a shelf.

For years Elizabeth and I thought about that bear and admired it when we visited their house. We've always wanted one, just because it is one of the few "major" events that we've actually seen on the news in "real" time, but it wasn't very likely to happen.

Thirteen years may seem like an awfully long wait, but in the last few months we've actually gotten two! One for each of us! We found the first one at a thrift store for a dollar, still with the tag and plastic cover in tact. Elizabeth found that one, so she's had it decorating her bunk bed for a few months. Amazingly, we found another one at a sale yesterday for only fifty cents! So cool!

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