Tuesday, April 27, 2010

On the Good Ship Lollipop . . .

Over the past weekend Elizabeth and I decided to have a "Shirley Temple Fest". It all started because we tried to watch our trusty, old VHS tape of The Little Princess, only to find that there was no sound left on the tape and that the top of picture appeared on the bottom part of screen while the bottom part of the picture appeared on the top part of the screen! To put it blunty, the tape was broken.

Disappointed, but not to be discouraged, we decided to check out a "few" DVDs from the library. In the end, we checked out ten . . . and watched them all! I've always loved Shirley Temple, but Elizabeth wasn't into those "depressing" movies like The Little Princess. Well, her opinion has changed. We have a bunch more DVDs coming into the local library and are looking forward to seeing them next week. Our Aunt has always loved Shirley Temple movies. She watched them on TV when she was growing up and she still watches them, so I guess it runs in the family!

Curly Top was always our favorite Shirley film when we were little and still was . . . until we saw Stowaway! Wow, that was great. It stars Robert Young and Alice Faye alongside an eight-year-old Shirley which makes for a great film. Shirley's song You Gotta S-M-I-L-E to Be H-A-double P-Y is a must see! To see an adorable young Shirley (her first starring year) then you've got to watch Baby Take a Bow and Bright Eyes. You'll want a little "mistletoe kiss", too! For some fabulous dances with Shirley and Bill Robinson (Bojangles) then try The Little Colonel, Just Around the Corner, and The Littlest Rebel. You can understand why there's never been another child actor like her! She's a one-time find, and it's so cool that she was captured on film.

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