Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What today might bring . . .

I am trying to decide which gnome to start felting next, so far I think it will be another little girl. We've been planning some other projects, more along the sewing line, so we might be going out to our favorite fabric store out in "Amish Country" today!

This has been brought about by the fact that we've been browsing online through the new releases in fabric and it seems that this is a jackpot time. There are three lines of fabric all featuring gnomes, cool huh!? The buttons below are links to them if you're interested.

The garden is amazing all of a sudden. We went out there two days ago and there are actually flowers up already, not to mention that the lawn is full of blooming dandelions! That's over a month early for those, so it looks like it won't be long until we start mowing the grass. Hooray! It's still too difficult for me to walk on the uneven yard, so Elizabeth is going to take some photos of the garden and I'll post them soon. More later.

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