Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Rapid Growth of Elizabeth's Hobby Tree

Elizabeth has been "branching" out in her hobbies lately. Quite a statement since her hobbies are already the equivalent of a huge oak tree, so "branching out" means that pretty soon, her tree will be a sequoia! Just kidding. :)

It's amazing how small things can lead into such big things, the same with bad things leading into good things (It seems to me that this'd be a good time for a serious theological discussion, but Mom says not to get off track on all kinds of bunny trails!). Well, we got a movie from the library the other day, The Letter, with Bette Davis. Boy, was it a bad movie. Did I say it was bad? It was bad.

But one good thing did come out of it. Bette Davis' character in the film spends a lot of time crocheting lace, and that so inspired Elizabeth to teach herself how to crochet lace, that she's done it already! The picture above shows the results over the last few days. The largest piece is her first attempt and the cream colored one (also shown by itself) is the latest addition. It is made of 100% Bamboo thread! Just to show what a great sister she is, she is making a scarf for the top of my Victrola out of that 100% Bamboo thread! Wow! She's a real gem, I'm telling you.

As if all that crocheting wasn't enough fun, she also decided to try her hand at needle-felting. It seems that she's just great at everything new thing she tries! The brown chicken is her first project, followed by the white one. (The tag on the chicken is a joke from a computer game that we'd been playing that day.) The honey pot was a present for me. She says that it's to remind me of my real honey pot, my cat Samwise!

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