Monday, April 12, 2010

Thinking of Grandparents

Elizabeth and I have had the special blessing of knowing all of our grandparents. When we were little it was absolutely impossible to imagine them being anything but what they were: grandparents. We certainly could not imagine them as children. Had they been children? Mom and Dad had never been children, so how could gramma and grampa have been? That's what we thought anyway.

Over the years it became easier to imagine our grandparents as children and young people. Mom's parents were lots easier as there were plenty of pictures in the house of them growing up. Dad's parents were different though. There was only one picture of his Mom as a child, about five years old, in a frame on the mantle and there were no pictures around of Grampa under the age of twenty-one.

Two years ago we went back to Miami to visit the family and decided to take the laptop with us. We visited all the aunts and uncles and spent days scanning any old pictures into the computer. Since they all came from Cuba in the 1960s there weren't a huge quantity of photos saved. But . . . we found one picture of Grampa when he was about two years old! How cool. Ever since then I've been able to totally imagine them as children.

Gramma and Grampa were very beautiful people, and they still are. How I wish that I looked just like Gramma! I'd have married Grampa myself, except that Gramma married him first . . . sigh. The first picture above is of the photo frames in my desk that have their "child" pictures in them. The next photos are their engagement photos from 1947. More later.

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