Friday, June 18, 2010

CAPA Summer Movies at The Ohio Theater

Summer is finally here, because the CAPA Summer Movies are in full swing down in Columbus. Last year was the first time that we ever went to one of these movies, but it's fair to say that we were hooked after the first one. They've been playing classic films on the big screen every Summer for forty years now. The theater originally opened as a movie cinema, but it's used for all kinds of theater productions now.

Last week we saw two films: Frank Capra's It Happened One Night and that great musical, Singin' in the Rain. Wow! There is nothing like seeing those old films on a big screen. And that's not to mention seeing a musical.

For a half hour before each film starts, during intermissions and ate the end of each film famous organist Clark Wilson, plays gorgeous music on the theater's fantastic pipe organ. It is one of the last organs of its kind with almost three thousand pipes! Mr. Wilson's renditions of the Singin' in the Rain songs were really great. And don't say that you think organ music is boring, because even though it usually is his is not.

We've got three more films coming up down at The Ohio, and I can barely wait. We've also found some old films playing up at a theater in downtown Cleveland! So, in August some time we get to see Casablanca and The Adventures of Robin Hood! Imagine Errol Flynn swinging out of a tree to greet Maid Marion . . . all on a big screen. Sigh.

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