Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Relax and Learn to Take It Easy . . . Not.

That may be good advice to relax and learn to take it easy, as the songwriter wrote, but it never happens around here! :) We've been so busy that I've barely had a chance to do any blogging. Two weeks ago we saw It Happened One Night at the Ohio Theater, and here we are standing in front of the marquee.

All week we've been picking and preserving cherries from our very own tree. This is the best year it has ever had since we put it in about twelve years ago. This year it gave us 33lbs of sour cherries, not to mention all of the other cherries that the birds have eaten! The bowl full of them on the scale is from the last picking which gave us about eighteen pounds of fruit (once you've subtracted the weight of the bowl). We've preserved some in a traditional German fruit salad, canned some of them and even made a fresh pie!

Another fun thing that we made was a fondue! That was good! This is only the second time that we've attempted this and was much more successful with a little practice. The first time we tried this was at New Year's and the house was a bit too cold. Translated that means that the fondue cooled off and turned into a rubber-like substance that had to be cut instead of dipped. Boy, was that a funny meal! This one was perfect, however, and we're hoping to make another one for our birthday next week.

Yesterday we had quite an interesting "problem". A sparrow must have climbed around our chimney cap and fallen thirty feet down into our wood stove. Thankfully there was no fire in it, but there was a full bed of ashes which must have cushioned the fall. The sparrow was fine, probably just a bit confused. The cats are the ones who alerted us to this little visitor. They kept looking in the stove window, and when the first two were staring in there we thought they were just noticing their own reflections in the glass. When the third one came along it became a bit obvious that something fishy was going on. Dad, being the brave hero that he is, came home from work and got the bird out and let it fly out the kitchen window. Hooray!

Little Beatrice (she's the little black cat in the picture) has been pretty obsessed with the stove all day yesterday and today. She keeps staring in the window looking, probably hoping, for another bird to "drop in" for a visit. :)

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