Friday, December 10, 2010

Collecting Roy Rogers Books by Whitman Pub. Co.

Selling on eBay does have a few perks . . . like doing a little shopping on the side with some of the profits! I'm trying to get a collection of those cool Roy Rogers (and other Western stars/subjects) novels that were published in the 1940s and 1950s by Whitman Publishing Company. Generally, the books are in rough shape, having been printed on very acidic paper and having pretty cheap binding.

After plowing through a bunch of auction listings though, I've picked up five that are in pretty beautiful shape. Roy Rogers and the Rimrod Renegades even has the dust jacket! I'm still looking for about four more of them (RR and the Brasada Bandits, RR on the Trail of the Zeros, RR and the Outlaws of Sundown Valley & RR King of the Cowboys), so the search continues!

Winter has finally come, and it's beginning to feel like that white Christmas that I'm always dreaming about. We've had snow for a whole week now and temps are down in the 20Fs (on the good days). We're keeping the wood stove on high!

Selling on eBay has been pretty nice, but we're nearing the end as it's closer to Christmas. I've started working on a great present for Mom, but I still need a good chunk of time on it . . . and the days are ticking down. :) Oh boy!

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