Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy Winter, Rise and Shine . . .

. . . I love the early morning time. Those are the opening words to our favorite picture books while we were growing up. December already and today marks the first snow of the season, and it wasn't one of those little ice flurries either, but some real honest snow! I just love Winter with snow.

The down side to this means that Christmas is really creeping up here, but we won't think about that. We have to run up to town for some cat food, so we aren't up in the attic this morning. The poor cats have just been having a lot of trouble with food lately. All these fancy formulas are a bit crazy, so we're going back to a food that they ate for years to see if it's better than we thought it was. :) Well, Elizabeth is calling me and she's turned on an opera duet, so that means I better "git"!

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