Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Needle-Felted 'Pierrette' of the Commedia dell'arte

She's finished! This is another wool needle-felted doll. I'm working on set of Commedia dell'arte characters. Hopefully there will be seven dolls in the end . . . but we'll see!

Pierrette is eight inches tall, weighs a fraction over one ounce and took about 32 hours to complete. Since she hasn't got a tall hat on she is a lot taller than the gnomes --- even though she measures the same height as several of them.

She was a bit more challenging to begin with since she is so tall and thin. Because of that she doesn't really stand up well by herself, though she can if you have some patience! I'm hoping to start another one later this evening. Elizabeth makes little sketches of the characters for me to use as a guide, so it depends on when she does that for me. She's so good.

This Pierrette doll is actually based on a Meissen figurine. Of course, I did take some "artistic liberty", especially in the hair and hat. The figurine we picked for this one actually appears in the Poirot TV show called The Affair at the Victory Ball. There is a whole set of Commedia dell'arte figures, and Elizabeth and I have always wanted to make dolls out of them. We have also gotten pictures from a book of Meissen figurines for some of the other characters. I'm really looking forward to making Columbine!

I've got a bunch more pictures uploaded in a photo album. If you're interested in taking a look at more pictures: CLICK HERE

This makes the twelfth doll that I've finished in twelve months. Not a bad average, is it?!

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