Sunday, February 20, 2011

Mrs. Keultjes' Cheesy Apples!

You know how some tastes and smells just bring back moments and memories. There are quite a few of those that Elizabeth and I enjoy. The smell of lipstick for one, the smell of dill weed and the smell of our grandparents' house (Dad's parents). You've never smelled anything so wonderful. I actually have a table cloth that we brought home from their house in October and have slept with it in my pillowcase ever since.

Well, one of those lovely tastes that is SO special is Mrs. Keultjes' Cheesy Apples. She used to make this quite often when Hannah and the two of us would be playing together. There was even one time that she made a big pan of them and let the three of us eat the whole thing as a snack! Oh joy!

Elizabeth and I have been working for months now to try to make them ourselves, and every recipe we tried just was not the same. It was just like cooked apples with cheese on them. Not like that heavenly nectar that we love. Then, at Christmas, the Keultjeses came over for a Dinner and she brought a whole tray over. We actually forgot to serve them (how convenient!), so we enjoyed them all by ourselves later on. Amazing things! So, this finally gave us the brilliant idea to ask Mrs. Keultjes for her recipe. Should've done that in the first place, right?!

Tonight we made them for the first time, and they were almost exactly like hers!! Victory! Here is her most wonderful recipe, in case any of you would love to try them. You'll never be the same again, I can tell you.

Mrs. Keultjes' Cheesy Apples

3/4 c. white sugar
1/4 t. salt
1/2 c. flour
Mix these together then cut in:

1/4 butter then add
1 c. sharp cheddar cheese.

Mix together some lemon juice w/some water (3 T each?) and cut into that bowl:

7 (granny smith) apples, cored, peeled, sliced (a scant 5 cups)

Shake off the apples, put in a 9X9 (greased in some way).

Put cheese mixture on top and pat down.

bake @ 350* Let it bake long enough that the topping is nicely browned.
(We baked it for about 1hr. and 15min.)

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