Thursday, February 24, 2011

Working of Those Winter Projects

Amazingly, the month of February is almost over! Shocking. It seems like just last week we were saying "in January we'll work on . . ." and now we are facing the end of Winter. We've been really trying to clear out cluttered areas in the house. Some of the stuff we've gotten rid of has gone to Goodwill, and some of it has been sold on eBay. All in all, we've gotten rid of quite a bit --- it's just amazing how much more there is to go through.

We did manage to make a little baby quilt. This was for a friend of ours who just had her first baby --- a little girl! This is some of the fabric that we got on "Black Friday", and it was so fun to see it come together into something finished. The colors were so cute, and I loved the hot pink!

I haven't really been doing much felting lately, but we did get this cool book in from the library. It is a catalogue of Commedia Dell'Arte figurines that were made in the eighteenth century. The book itself is in German, but the pictures are amazing! Some of the statues are less than beautiful, but there are sure a bunch that are gorgeous.

The things that I find most interesting are the huge berets on the men. They are so large that they actually drape down their backs. I love that! Definitely going to have to felt a beret like that one day. :)

We're all white again outside, and supposed to be more snow tonight or tomorrow. Well, I better quit now. Mom and Elizabeth are making a gorgeous Dinner of spaghetti and hush puppies, and it's my job to make a salad!!

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