Friday, April 15, 2011

Happy 5th Birthday, Sweet Little Kitties!

Seems like Spring is here. That means that in a little more than a month it will begin to feel like Summer. Today has been just beautiful, and it's very special. Today is the fifth birthday of the "kittens"! That's Manly, Max, Avis and Iveta. It's hard to believe that only five years ago they were little, tiny mouse-sized baby-kins. Awww. They're sweeties.

This is a picture of them when they were about two weeks old. Seven babies were born, but little Nicki was still-born. She's buried out in the kitty cemetery behind the shed. Cadfael lived to exactly five months and his baby-heart gave out. He was a beautiful, milky grey color with stripes just like Manly. He was also a little lover boy --- and so sweet. Aline lived for three and a half years and was also a little sweetie. The other four are super healthy and have their daily routine of eating, sleeping and playing! They've gotten a bit lazy with age, though. They like to lounge around and watch birds out the window and other easy pleasures.

Something else really cool happened today, too! After receiving the special picture from David Suchet (the one that was made for the doll's box) in time for Christmas, and since he had to actually mail it off personally while he was not working right around Christmas, we sent him a "thank you" note. It also included pictures of the doll and box, since we'd told him all about it. Today he sent the nicest little card saying that he had gotten the photos and that he thought the doll was nice. How neat. That was really nice of him to send a response. That's something for my felting scrapbook!

I have taken a bunch of pictures of the yard and the few flowers that are starting to come out. As soon as I have time to upload them, then they'll be on here. Yesterday was gorgeous and sunny, so I washed blankets and sheets and was actually able to hang them out to dry! I also took advantage and cleaned the ceiling fans from all of the accumulated Winter dust. It's amazing how dirty they can get. Now they are all sparkling. :)

On Sunday afternoon we are driving down to buy some more wool (for felting). There is a lady about forty-five minutes South of us who is a big dealer at fiber shows. She's got fantastic colors available, and she's the only one with the skin-tone that I use for the dolls. I'll post pictures of that later!

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