Wednesday, April 20, 2011

First Flowers of the Year

Here they are: the first flower pictures of the year! I took these on Friday but have only just now gotten around to uploading them. Nothing looks much different though, as we've had cold and rain ever since. Summer: how much do I love thee? Let me count the ways!

All of the little plants are really popping up. It looks like the Irises have doubled (and in some cases tripled) in size. The hops did the same! I can't wait to see it come up some more, though. It's been great studying it for our novel. Hops is a cool plant, and I'm hoping that we'll get more flowers this year.

Can't wait for Easter to get here. Church is having a breakfast before service, so we're planning on going to that. After service we're going to Lunch at the Keultjes' house! Hooray! I love going there, and we haven't seen them since Christmas.

We didn't make it down to get wool on Sunday, so maybe this week or next. That should be fun. It's amazing to go into a little building that stacked to the ceiling in all kinds and colors of wool!

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