Tuesday, April 26, 2011

An Easter Weekend Full of Fun

Believe it or not, we haven't taken a single picture all weekend. That's not to say that we haven't had a wonderful time, though. It was just so much fun that we forgot the camera the whole time.

We've been "on the go" since Thursday. That was the first day in ages that was all sunshine, so we drove out to Wooster to a fiber mill. I've gotten wool from them at a fiber show last year, and was out of a bunch of colors. I got some beautiful things --- including a bunch of variegated rovings. One of them is going to make a great brown tweed-looking suit for a little Capt. Hastings doll.

It rained all day Friday, but we had to go to Mansfield anyway. Dad had the day off of work, so we took him out to dinner at Pizza Hut and did a few groceries. The next day was spent in the kitchen. We were cooking and baking all kinds of things for the next day, so we were pretty tired that night!

There was an Easter breakfast at church on Sunday, followed by the service. As soon as that was over we were off to Mansfield to visit with the Keultjeses! The girls were up for the day, so it was just like Christmas. :) We spent the afternoon working on a scavenger hunt --- even though it was a bit rainy. That was quite a site: us girls out in our good clothes trying to find acorns, a bird's nest and digging up earth worms! Oh boy. We weren't home until ten o'clock.

Buddy and Kay called on Monday morning with the idea of going down to Colmubus together. Buddy's violin needs a few repairs, so we all drove down in their car and took it to The Loft. I just love that place. I could live there for a week or two --- just to learn all the stuff about violins. Wow. We also went to lunch together before heading home. On the way back, we decided to stop off at their house for a bit. Elizabeth was going to help Kay connect some speakers to their 8-track recorder, so we figured an hour or two of fun. In the end, we were there until after 9:00pm.! Mom and Kay were working on genealogy, so Buddy and the two of us played music and sang together until we were all about asleep on our feet. It was so much fun!

This morning we went out to a ladies' meeting for our church. We're all a bit tired from all this fun, so I think that the rest of the day will be spent taking it easy. :)

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