Friday, April 29, 2011

Watching the Royal Wedding

We're supposed to be heading up to run errands in town. But . . . we've been sitting here watching the "rebroadcast" of the Royal Wedding! Mom and I made it down in time to see the "balcony bit" and after, so we stayed to watch the re-run of the ceremony and all.

What a beautiful ceremony, and it's so cool to see such a Christian witness in the service. There are probably thousands of people watching this who would never go to a church service. In fact, the actual marriage ceremony, which must be the traditional Church of England form, is something that we've been trying to find for years. Part of it is used in the end of the 1995 Pride & Prejudice mini-series, but we've never found it any place else. Turns out that they are issuing a CD of all the music from the wedding. It also comes with a book containing all the words for the ceremony and vows, etc. We've already preordered that and a DVD of the wedding. Can't wait!

We were watching the wedding on YouTube, but the streaming was pretty slow (since probab;y a million others were doing the same), so we saw it in a very choppy form. Every twelve frames or so. Not to mention that it was blurry part of the time. It was so cool. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip are so beautiful. They look like the perfect monarchs. Wow! Prince Charles cuts a good picture of a prince, too!

Well, we've really got to go for now. More later.

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