Saturday, May 14, 2011

Having Fun Arranging My Collection

We've finally had warm weather here. In fact, it's been in the eighties (in the shade) for the last four days. I've had to mow the lawn three times in the last week, and the red maple in the front yard is completely leafed out. Mom said that she saw the first poppy open this morning, but it's raining now, so I didn't see it.

We took Dad out to breakfast at Panera this morning. After that we went to a couple antique stores. I managed to find five new French figurines for my collection, so I've spent the evening rearranging them. They are in the hutch where I keep my violin. It's on the bottom shelf and they are on the top two shelves. There are a few King George VI things in the middle there. The breakable things that wouldn't survive in the suitcase with the rest. I'm expecting a KGVI vase in the mail this week. It will match the little mug that's in there.

This evening we made a fondue for dinner and then froze some butternut squash. Boy, was it beautiful?! Dad is leaving for his fishing trip soon, so he's getting his gear packed up and all that. We'll have that time to do "girlie" things. Nothing else much to say, so I'll end for now.

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