Monday, May 9, 2011

What's been going on at our house?

After eight months of burning wood to heat the house, and having to spend most of that time in the "Winter mode", I was finally able to mow the lawn this Thursday. The grass was actually twelve inches high in some spots towards the back of the yard. With this tall (and very wet) grass I was amazed that the mower only "konked out"once on me. This new Snapper is great --- and a super work horse. Here is a picture of for you all to admire! :)

A lot has been happening around here lately. Last week, Dad brought a friend of his home from work and they cut down a Maple tree from our backyard. It had been sick for a year or two, so we'll be using it for firewood next Winter. Dad's already got it cut, stacked and drying out for splitting.

Poor little Oliver. He did something to his paw on Saturday night. We thought that maybe he had broken it, as he couldn't walk yesterday and it was really hurting him. Today, though, he looks like he is doing much better and is only limping a little. He must have just smashed his paw somehow. Elizabeth took this picture of him yesterday, so you can see how irresistible he is!

We spent Thursday, Friday and Saturday out garage sale-ing. It was Fredericktown's community sale weekend, so we found bunches of places having them. Though, there weren't as many as there used to be. It's almost like garage sales are going out of style around here. We found some great things, including the coolest 1950s table lamp for my end table upstairs. My favorite "thing" that we found is this mid-1920s chocolate box (it's a tin with hinged lid) for Whitman's Salmagundi. There is a painting of an art deco woman on the top and this whole mosaic looking design. It was still filled with mending and darning supplies that look like they are from the '30s and '40s. Cool!

Being that yesterday was Mother's Day, Elizabeth and I made a cake for Mom. This was a spice cake with cream cheese frosting, and we decided to "spice" it up! Elizabeth did the writing and all the little hearts. Isn't she good?! We've already got plans for the Father's Day cake. It's going to have a trout stream (with trout, of course). That'll appeal to Pop more than hearts!

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