Sunday, July 10, 2011

June rain brings . . . July weeds???

We've had a very nice and rainy year. This is great after the last several very dry years that we've had, but it means that we didn't have any chance to work outside before Summer arrived. That also means that the weeds are growing like . . . weeds! Mom and I are really trying to get things nice as far as our landscaping goes. After not being able to do any yard work last year it is all looking pretty scrubby and all around "ugh". Over the past few days I've been spending some time pulling thistles and crab grass --- not to mention creeping ground ivy.

Yesterday, I weeded some more of the area out the back door. I was able to put some rocks and flowers in there today, and it's looking pretty cute. I was also able to go on a sort of thistle patrol in the big garden. Wow! Those things are sure prolific. It looks like the "Guacamole" hosta is finally taking though. It's huge and beautiful all of a sudden.

We all spent part of the afternoon washing the cars yesterday. That was really fun. We got to play in the hose and get ourselves all wet, too! The two cars weren't hard at all, but the pickup truck was a bit more tricky. Elizabeth got up on a step ladder to wash the roof.

Only one week until we go down to take our entries into the State Fair!! I can't wait. This should be lots of fun. We're also going to see The Sound of Music on the same day. It's the first of this year's CAPA films that we're going to, so that should make for a fun day. More later.

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