Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Swallows are Back!

Joy, joy, joy! The swallows finally came back today. We always have lots of barn swallows, and they are my absolutely favorite birds. They are so beautiful and fluid in motion --- and so tiny. Only two have been around all Summer, which was sad as there were twenty-two last year. I was so happy, though, because there were twelve out there today! They stay all around the mower and just swoop down at all of the bugs. They make the softest chirping noises as the fly around you. I actually stopped the mower and just sat there listening to them. I didn't actually take these pictures, but these look just like my little friends.

Today was a cool day in the middle of a bunch of scorchers, so I was out mowing this morning (that's when I was with my swallow babes). Our neighbors are on vacation, so I did their lawn as well. They have a little over an acre (which is half of what we've got), and it was funny to mow, since our tractor is a bit over-kill for their yard. They have a lot of really gorgeous trees though!

It's almost time to take entries down to the State Fair! We're going down on Sunday, and I can hardly wait. Dad is working on making some wooden bases for the dolls that I'm entering. They are going to look cool. Dad is entering two wood carvings that he has made. It is the big fish and a frog that is sitting with some mushrooms. Both quite beautiful! Of course, I'm a little biased.

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