Tuesday, July 19, 2011

State Fair Entries are In!!

We took our entries down to the State Fair on Sunday. It was a fun day, as we also went to the Ohio Theater to see The Sound of Music. I like that movie, but I always forget just how nice it is. It was huge on the big screen, too! The puppet show part was one of my favorites . . . as always. This weekend we get to see Gone with the Wind. Which reminds me that I need to finish the book. I'm almost done, and it would be so nice to have finished before we see the movie.

Dad made some bases for the felted dolls that I entered. Here are the Pierrette and Pierrot dolls on their base. Dad put pins in the bottom of the base with their sharp ends sticking up. The feet of the dolls are then stuck through the pins. Pierrette had to have a little rod put up her back as well, as she is so thin. Her weight isn't enough to hold her steady. "Pat and Mike" is the other doll that's going in, so he's on a little square base and ready to go!

The Fair doesn't open until next Wednesday, so I'll post more pics then!

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