Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hotter than Florida without Air-Conditioning

It's official. Apparently, Ohio's weather (and that of the mid-West) hit the National News. We're beating out records for heat. Toledo actually measured 100'F the other day which gives them a new all-time high! Two days ago our thermometer outside of the kitchen window went over the max of 125'F. It's so hot that weather advisories are out, and even people who like Summer are wearing out.

The power companies have been doing rolling black-outs and rolling brown-outs. From Mansfield down to Loudonville lost their power completely yesterday, and it's not supposed to come back on until some time today. We put our AC window units in four or five days ago, so it's been nice to sit up in the TV room all cooled off. It made it up to eighty-nine degrees inside the house the other day.

Our Gramma called yesterday to see how we were doing. She suggested that we come down to visit her just to cool off! So, we're headed to FLA next month. Well, not for that reason . . . but it will be nice all the same.

Only three weeks to go until the National Stamp Show. I finally finished the list of my stamp collection, so I'm almost all ready to go. I can barely wait, too!

Well, I'm just too hot to go one writing, and I've got some laundry to do, so I'll be back later!

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