Tuesday, July 26, 2011

We finally saw 'Gone with the Wind'!

This was the weekend that CAPA in Columbus showed Gone with the Wind. We've been really looking forward to this one, and I have been reading the book --- trying to get it finished before going to see the picture. Well, I managed to read the last page just nineteen hours before the curtain went up. Nothing like making it in the nick of time, right?

I'm certainly glad that I read the book, as it has been years since I've seen the whole movie. The book is definitely better than the film and really goes a long way into enhancing the viewing. Rhett is a nicer character and Scarlett is different in the book. Particularly during the last quarter of the story. Clark Gable is great! Of course, he's always great. :)

The audience was interesting. They actually laughed their way through the whole film. They laughed when Scarlett receives the letter saying Charlie Hamilton died. They laughed when Scarlett and Ashley had their love scene. They laughed every time anybody had a drink. They laughed at almost every line delivered by Clark Gable. They even laughed when Scarlett is crying after Frank Kennedy's funeral and says that she's afraid of going to Hell. When intermission time came, about half of the theater got up the minute "I'll never be hungry again" was out of Scarlett's mouth, so that you couldn't see the ending shot. Then again, at the end of the film, the minute "Tomorrow is another day" was out of her mouth they were up and running for the door. You couldn't even see the final shot of Scarlett at Tara, read "the end" on the screen or hear the final music. Society today is just quite rude.

On the way home we got stuck in a huge rain storm. The roads in Columbus couldn't drain and the sewers were backing up. We actually had to pull over to the side of the highway twice. God was really protecting us though, and we all made it home without mishap. Once we got about ten miles from our exit, the rain pretty much cleared, but boy! was that a downpour.

Mom and Elizabeth's computers both had problems this morning, so they took them into the shop. Poor little things. Looks like the power supplies may be gone on both of them, but we'll see what the diagnostics turn up.

The State Fair opens tomorrow! We're not sure when we're going to go down, though it will most likely be on the weekend --- unless the weather is nicer on another day. It seems that they have a Civil War encampment this year, not to mention a 500lb pig and piglets made out of chocolate!

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  1. Nineteen hours isn't bad at all. We have mutual friends who, with a similar goal, would be sitting in the seat waiting for the movie to start, finishing it. And we have mutual friends who would do that, but wouldn't even finish it before it started playing; they would finish it five or ten minutes into the film!