Friday, July 29, 2011

Sights and Happenings at the State Fair

The fair opened on Wednesday, and we decided to go down that afternoon. So, Mom and the two of us packed a little cooler and headed out. I was able to get most of the lawn mowing done before leaving and finished what was left in the evening, so I didn't even have to worry about that!

Wednesday was (according to the weather stations) the coolest day in the near future with a high of only 86'F. Some friends of ours called to see if we would meet them down at the DiSalle Building. Great! That is where all of the "Creative Arts" are displayed --- just the place we wanted to go. Besides, the building had air conditioning --- of a sort. We arrived and were directed along the parking lot by what must have been almost every State Highway Patrolman in the area. We parked pretty far out in the boon-docks, so it was a nice hike to the fair entrance!

We hadn't been to the State Fair since 2003, so we didn't really know what to expect. It seemed to us that the entries were really down low, but that would make sense considering the lack of entries at the town fairs and county fairs around here. Dad won second and third place in the woodcarving category! I'm so happy for him. We found his with no problem, but the felting was harder to find. It was in the display cases in the second room. Mom found them, and guess what?! They won first and second place in the needle-felting category and Best of show for all of felting! That is pretty exciting. I can hardly wait to pick them up. Pictures of them to come in a later entry. :)

We walked through a bunch of the other buildings, too. There were a lot of cows --- which I love! Amazingly, all of the sheep looked alike?! One of the "famous" attractions that is a recurring exhibit is a full-size cow carved out of butter (see picture). Mt. Vernon Naz College recycles the butter as fuel in some of their vehicles. Well, that's all for now. More coming soon.

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