Thursday, August 18, 2011

2011 APS Stamp Show / Trip to Florida

I haven't been doing much blogging lately. We've been so busy having fun that there just isn't time to write about it. Last week was the 2011 American Philatelic Society Stamp Show. In other words, the American National Stamp Show! This marvelous event was held in Columbus, so we were able to attend all four days. What an experience. We met some really nice vendors from all over the country (and some from all over the world). We made friends with some from Kentucky, Michigan, Arizona and Oregon! And we got some amazing stamps. God really blessed us with some amazing finds. My favorite addition to my King George VI collection is a Hong Kong definitive (Scott #166). It took us two days to find a dealer with one of them, but it's a real beauty.
Another thing that was really cool was that I got to see the Stanley Gibbons collection binders for the British Commonwealth during KGVI. I'd seen a couple pictures of the set online, but never for real. Wow! One day, I'd sure love to have those . . . so maybe in the future. They're made with hingeless mounts already attached to the papers, which would sure be nice.

We're getting ready for our trip to Florida, which is coming up soon. Dad and Elizabeth are planning on going out on a boat for a half day while we're at Gramma Gail's house. Dad to fish and Elizabeth to see all of the local wildlife. That is Lord willing and weather permitting of course. Mom and I are planning on going shopping with Gramma.

For the last couple weeks we've been watching some of the old Wagon Train TV shows. Our library has gotten them on DVD, so we're working our way through. They've really been quite enjoyable --- a few shows that aren't so good, but in general they're pretty cool. Major Adams and Flint are great. We just saw my favorite one last night. Dan Duryea was the guest star in a show that centered around him and his old pal, Flint. Boy, was it great. Dan Duryea had some of the best one-liners ever. I've got to watch it a couple more times just to memorize a few of them. They'd be likely to come to good use at some point in the future!

Well, it's late, and it hasn't been the best of days. The lawn mower broke down. A belt on the PTO broke --- with only 93.3 hours of use on it. Man. Even when you buy something that supposed to be quality, it isn't. They won't even stand behind it as the mower is two and a half years old. Never mind that the dealer has never seen one of these belts break. More later.

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