Saturday, August 20, 2011

Over the hill . . . to Gramma's house we go!

Here we are in Central Florida! We're at Mom's Mom's house today and heading off to Dad's family later. Gramma took us to the most amazing pizza place you've ever eaten at. Wow! It's called Pizza Gallery and Grill. There is only one of them, too, and that's here in Central FLA.

Dad and Elizabeth are out boating/fishing (she's boating and he's fishing) this morning with a guy out in a wonderful spot . . . "Mosquito Flats". Sound like a good place to visit? Not. Elizabeth made sure to take a whole bottle of mosquito repellent. She's hoping to catch sight of a dolphin and/or manatee while they're out. The guy that they are going out with is a marine biologist, so she's looking forward to having an educational experience.

Well, it's about time to eat Breakfast, so more coming up later!

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