Thursday, September 29, 2011

Happy Birthday, Samwise!

Samwise, Aramintie, and Frodo are "celebrating" their fifth birthday today! This exciting news seems to have done little to affect the normal activities of their day, but they're not opposed to a small candle in their evening wet food --- though it is really only the wet food itself that they care about. :)

Gramma and Kelly have headed up to see Aunt June and spend two nights with Carol. We spent yesterday morning at the produce auction, and Gramma bought tons of stuff to take back to Aunt Susie and Aunt Lori. She bought so much stuff, in fact, that she and Kelly are going to have to come back by here on their way back down to Tennessee! Our kitchen floor is so full of boxes that we can't even walk over to the butcher-block at the moment. Elizabeth and I are going to have to spend tomorrow afternoon consolidating it all into as few boxes as possible. Here is a picture of most of the food that we got. There was some more, but it's in other spots!

Last night, we ate a fun Dinner of cheese fondue with sourdough bread, Empire apples with caramel dip, pumpkin butter and pineapple. It was the best fondue that Mom's ever made!! Wow. This morning came too early, since we weren't to bed until midnight. It's been dark, grey and rainy-looking all day, but except for two tiny little drizzles the deluge held off. So, we went up to Stan Hywet Hall in Akron. They were having their annual "Ohio Mart" --- an outdoor show of crafters from all over the state. We got free tickets with our pass, so we went for that and took a house tour. I got a really cute mushroom statue for my garden, so pics of that ocming soon! Gramma and Kelly continued on up to Carol's house, and we stayed to finish looking around. I just love that house, and we actually got a tour of the Master bedroom by one of the Seiberling granddaughters. She grew up just a block or two away and went over there all the time to play with her cousins. She said it was the best house to grow up in, and that it still looks exactly like it did when she was growing up. Cool.

So, Mom and I are hoping to go to the produce auction again tomorrow to get some more decorations for my garden. The farmer behind us was nice enough to give me about thirty corn stalks to decorate with, so I can't wait to put those up! More later.

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