Monday, October 3, 2011

All this decorating . . . and it's edible, too!

Rain, rain, rain. That's what we've had for almost two weeks straight. Supposedly, we're getting four sunny days --- starting tomorrow. Here's hoping. I so need to hang some laundry outside!

We had my last orthopedic visit this morning, so once that was over with we ate lunch at Subway. Then we decided to make the run of all the local produce markets. They all buy the large lots at the produce auction, so we were hoping for some pumpkins that we don't get on the small side. Boy, did we hit the jackpot! Wow. We came home with nine pumpkins that weigh between 15lb. and 23lb.! Dad just finished unloading them to the area by my garden. Mom and I are hoping to pick up some full-sized straw bales from the Mill tomorrow, so then I'll be able to put out some more decorations.

Elizabeth and I braved the wind and drizzle on Saturday and decorated with the little straw bales, so here are some new pictures. I still have the corn stalks to put up, but it's been raining too much to do any garden decorating. I got a new little concrete-type mushroom at the Ohio Mart up at Stan Hywet on Thursday. It's the cutest little thing. They had a beehive that was made out of the same stuff, so I'm thinking of getting that next year once the garden is expanded.

Saturday marked the first fire in the wood stove. It's been burning steadily ever since. This is Elizabeth sitting next to the first fire. You have to start with three small fires over the period of about five or six hours to warm the stove up --- that keeps the stones from cracking. Saturday was also our Gramma's birthday. She and Kelly stopped by in the morning to pick up all of the veggies that they had bought at the auction, so we gave her a mini birthday cake to eat in the hotel that evening. :) Mom and I went out and picked a half bushel of apples for them, but it was so cold and rainy that we could hardly believe what we were doing. Only because we love Gramma, that's for sure! Well, looks like we've got some more canning up, but everything will kind of depend on the weather. More later.

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