Monday, September 19, 2011

A Peck of a Cat

Finally! Some pictures have gotten downloaded from the camera! We had a nice, easy Sunday yesterday and did nothing. I played on the computer for a while and felted. I'm working on a head now, so it's almost finished.

Mom and I are off to the produce auction again today, but it looks like it might rain. We've gotten so much cool stuff canned this year! This is a picture of me shelling the edamame soybeans last week. That was some job. All together we canned/froze twelve quarts of those things. I really like them, but they're time consuming to shell. I spent about six hours at it that day. I had a little helper at the same time --- hence the title of this post. "A peck of a cat" = Oliver (in a peck basket). See photo below.

Elizabeth decided to lay out everything that we got at the National Stamp Show yesterday. She wanted a picture for her blog, so I had her take some for mine, too. ;) She's in there with all of her stuff to give you some scale. Isn't that amazing!! I can't believe how much stuff she got. All of my stuff is shown in the second photo. It is more stamps than postcards and paper, so it doesn't look like as much, but believe me that's a lot!

Looks like another week of canning, etc. We're on the tail end now, since the weather is turning so cold. All of the plants are just about finished. I'm hoping to pick up some pumpkins to decorate the yard --- and maybe even some Indian Corn! Mom and I have come up with a great way to expand the gnome garden at the back door, so I'm working over that in my mind right now.

As far as Pesto is concerned --- we made five quarts of it on Saturday!! It's fantastic, too! We froze almost all of it, except for a jar that we gave to the neighbors and a jar that we're eating now. I'll take some pictures of the pesto and post another entry. More later.

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