Friday, September 16, 2011

No sight so beautiful as this . . .

It looks like Fall has really started. The golden rod is in full bloom, the corn fields are drying out, the bean fields are golden and the maples are beginning to turn. There's no sight so beautiful as a field of golden rod. It's my favorite wild flower --- well, right up there with Queen Anne's Lace, anyway!

I mowed the lawn the other day for the first time in two weeks. It looked like prairie grass in a couple places, but nothing is growing quite at the same rate as a month ago. There can't be very many times of mowing left in the year.

Mom and I spent all morning out at the Amish Produce Auction. We bought some beets to can, some red peppers to make pepper jelly and a lot of fresh basil. That's for making pesto. Mrs. Keultjes's pesto recipe at that. There's nothing like it. Mom made one batch tonight and we tried it. Wow! It's just delish! Tomorrow we're going to work on making all of it. Mom and I are off to the Farmers' Market in the morning before we get canning. We're figuring that we're in the last month of being able to get anything.

Something that I just have to buy at the auction soon: a "Swan gourd with Eggs". That's what they call it anyway. It's a green gourd that is big and round on the bottom that comes up in a thin "neck" and widens to a "head" on the top. The grow in all different "positions, so some of them look like they are looking up, some look like they are looking down into their nest and so on. Well, they take that gourd and make an egg crate, fill it with straw and then place the swan gourd in the middle. She's surrounded by little white "egg" gourds. It's the cutest thing you've ever seen!! I'm hoping to be able to get one next week. It'd be really cute to build a little house in the gnome garden for it and paint it really cute. :)

Well, it's about time for Dinner, so I better get going. More later.

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