Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Pictures of the Needle Felted Dolls in the State Fair

Finally! Here are the pictures of the needle felted dolls in the State Fair. Pierrette and Pierrot won second place in needle-felting, while "Pat and Mike" won first place in the same category and Best of Show for all of felting! I was so thrilled. Elizabeth and I already have an entry planned for next year --- which I'm going to start this Fall/Winter.

Pierrot had kind of "keeled over" when we got to the Fair, so they let me into the case to stand him back up. I ended up just linking his arm inside of Pierrette's arm, and that kept him up just fine. The way that he is bending makes him too heavy to stand without some kind of doll stand, but I don't know how to put one on that wouldn't look strange. Something to work on, anyway.

Mom and I ended up spending about forty-five minutes talking to the couple that runs the whole DiSalle Building at the Fair. That means they are in charge of the Fine Arts, Creative Arts and Culinary divisions. They just took over and are really trying to introduce some new things so that entries will go back up. It's hard for the fairs these days, town, county or state, since people don't do as many crafts and arts as they used to do.

I've got another needle felted doll almost finished. Five to ten more hours should see it finished, and I'm really happy. The Wool Gathering Fiber Show is coming up weekend after next. I don't need much, but we're going to go and look for stuff anyway! Well, more later.

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