Thursday, October 27, 2011

Garden Pics at the End of the Season

Fall is drawing to a quick close, and these will most likely be the last pictures of the Gnome Garden as it appears with all the pumpkins. I took all of the swan gourds, dipper gourds and some of the bushels into the garage on Friday. They are all spread out on newspaper to dry (hopefully!) over the next few months. One of the baby swans is rotting, so he stayed out to be enjoyed for his last few days. He's almost ready to sing his swan song.

Mom and I have gotten so many mini-gourds that I made a little area full of them --- they're cascading out of buckets in front of the biggest Gnome statue. The bottom of the mini-gourd market seems to have dropped out in the last couple weeks, so Mom and I got a ton of them at the auction yesterday. We're planning on taking them down to Buddy and Kay's tomorrow to decorate their front yard and porch. I think that, including some stuff that we're taking them from around here, we'll have the whole back of the truck full! We were down at their house this past weekend, and got some "grapevine" from up in the woods. That should make a pretty cool Winter garland for the garden fence. We also got a really, really cool rock from up there, too. It's big, and it's cool. Totally flat on the bottom, so it stands up like a little monument.

We've been canning this week, too. Mom found a recipe for "Zucchini Salsa". Sounds different, but it tastes amazing. We've already made three and a half batches. More carrot soup coming up this week, not to mention applesauce and pumpkin. Everybody is really getting the "hibernation" mood. Winter is sure coming. I'm still reading the book that is the life story of the book Gone With the Wind. How interesting. I never knew so much about the publishing industry and the logistics of selling rights to a book and movie. I'm afraid that I've been boring everybody around here by repeating most of the facts as I'm reading. More later.

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