Sunday, October 30, 2011

Decorating at Buddy and Kay's House

So, what do you do when your own garden is too full to decorate anymore? You decorate a garden that belongs to someone else. That's exactly what we did. We loaded the back of the truck up with gourds and pumpkins and went down to Buddy and Kay's on Friday afternoon. They have a "rock garden" in their front yard, so we filled in a bunch of area there. Buddy was up working on the barn, but we drafted Kay for a bit of help. She went through both barns looking for old buckets, baskets and any "points of interest". And she did a great job! She even managed to dig up an old dog cart, so Mom and Elizabeth filled a crate and loaded the cart up to look like a little peddler's cart. We also put up a little decoration on the porch that used mini straw bales, pumpkins and gourds. These are just a couple close-up shots of some of the decorations.

After spending a couple of hours hauling gourds, we all had lunch together. Then, Mom and I got Buddy to take the two of us to some of the nearby cemeteries where his family is buried. They've been working on genealogy, so Mom was hoping to find some more relatives. The second cemetery that we went to was filled with relatives. We even saw Buddy's Grandpa's grave and Buddy's great-Grandparents. I think that the one that thrilled me the most was a lady (no relation to Buddy) who was born in January 1899 and died in March 2002. She actually lived in three centuries. She was born during the reign of Queen Victoria and died after Queen Elizabeth's Golden Jubilee. Isn't that amazing!?

Thanks to Buddy, we found out that TSC was selling the latest issue of Cowboys and Indians magazine. Okay, so I've never heard of that before, and we've never read it, but they featured Roy Rogers on the front cover --- in honor of his 100th birthday on November 11. So, Elizabeth and I went with Mom to the last Farmer's Market of the year yesterday, and we stopped in to get the magazine on the way home. We've now had two major frosts, so it looks like the growing season is finally ended. I can't say that I'll be sorry to see the slower pace of Winter arrive.

We're off to a Reformation Day service this afternoon at the Keultjes' church. After that, we're having dinner with them and just spending some time visiting. Hurray! More later.

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