Saturday, November 5, 2011

Roy Rogers' 100th Birthday: Happy Birthday, Roy!

He was born Leonard Slye in Cincinnati, Ohio, on November 5, 1911. The building where he was born (412 Second St. to be exact) was torn down decades ago, but it's very easy to find the spot today. The King of the Cowboys was born in the middle of what is now the Cincinnati Reds baseball stadium --- right over second base! This Ohio boy went on to become the greatest singing cowboy of the silver screen, a founder of the Sons of the Pioneers, and he even married his leading cowgirl, Dale Evans.

Today marks Roy Rogers' 100th Birthday. Wow! He was an amazing man and truly deserves his title King of the Cowboys.

Elizabeth has been working like a dog (so, how do dogs "work"?) on a music video tribute for this occasion. We've wanted to make one to Dusty's song, King of the Cowboys, for years --- and this seemed the perfect opportunity. All in all, it took fifty clips from a variety of films to make this montage. Of the fifty clips, thirty-nine of them are in slow motion. I love slow motion! So, we hope that you enjoy this tribute to finest cowboy that ever rode the Silver Screen. Also, if you're interested in more Roy Rogers and Dale Evans movies, check out our YouTube channel: The Cowboy and the Senorita.

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