Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Dismantling the Gnome Garden

Saturday was an absolutely gorgeous day, so I dismantled the Gnome Garden and got it ready for Winter. That meant putting all of the concrete and metal decorations on the shelf in the shed, throwing out the goldenrod and corn stalks and removing all of the gourds and pumpkins. We have a few Cinderella pumpkins that still need to be baked, so those are sitting up on the straw bales, but everything else had to go. I did put up some of the grape-vines that we got from Buddy and Kay, so that will act as a kind of garland to hang things from for the birds.

The amount of mold this year has been awful! Take a look at the side of that basket in the picture here. It's no wonder that we've all been suffering from some allergies. Even Pop. Do you know that we had mushrooms in the sunny parts of our yard all year, not to mention the shady areas, too?!

On Sunday afternoon, we went down to Buddy and Kay's to spend some time just having fun. Buddy and the two of us spent all evening playing music together and discussing some fun plans that we've got for a little music video --- just for the fun of it! Elizabeth and Kay made dinner while Buddy took Mom and me to a cemetery where some of his grandparents are buried. That was one of the "hilliest" cemeteries that I'd ever seen. To walk all the way back to the old part was an actual climb. Up, down and then up again before you got to a very small piece of level ground. They had some really old graves there, though, and one that was actually marked for a soldier in the War of 1812! The cool thing is that Buddy was actually related to the soldier. We didn't find that out until yesterday, though. Cool, huh?!

On the way back to the house, Buddy decided to look for a cemetery that he went to once with his Uncle --- about forty years ago. Amazingly, he found it right away. He's like a live atlas on all those back roads. It's really amazing. This was a smaller cemetery at the edge of a large field. It's fenced in with a really old fence, and somebody is still mowing it. Well, Buddy knew that his great-Grandfather's first wife was in there, so that's who we were looking for. In the end, there are tons of other relatives, too, so we had fun until the Sun was pretty much down. There is a pile of stones that have fallen down. Somebody has been piling them all in the corner, so we're hoping to go over and see if we can look through those before Winter.

I spent last week making slides for a new Sing-Along video to Buddy's song I Don't Believe in Evolution. Elizabeth actually edited them all and finished it in about an hour. If you want to take a look, then check out our YouTube channel: Buddy Davis Fan Club

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