Thursday, November 17, 2011

Gravestones and Gummi Pizza

It seems that a week has passed and no more blogging, so I better try and remember what went on here this week. We did get a nice day to go back to that little cemetery by Buddy's house. We actually went on Saturday afternoon. That morning, we four went up to town while Dad got adjusted and we ran a few errands. Not to mention having some bagels for breakfast at Panera. I was in the middle of reading Margaret Mitchell's Gone With the Wind. I've been working on that for about a month now, and I'm almost finished. Well, last weekend, I was at the part centering around the Film Premiere, so I think that I was wearing everybody out with stories as I was reading.

We made it back home a little after noon, so Dad decided to go fishing and the three of us headed down to Buddy and Kay's. Buddy took Mom and me back to the little cemetery. Kay and Elizabeth stayed at the house and talked. We ended up being at the cemetery for several hours and found a bunch of headstones that had fallen over. The grass had grown over most of them, so I "weeded" all of that and we were able to turn them over to read them. The most amazing one was a stone from 1829. When I turned it over there was actually a suction noise! Well, it must have been over for a long time, as it was absolutely perfect --- just like it had been carved yesterday.

Just a few days ago, we went into a cemetery near the house which is quite a large one. They have actually identified six people there that fought in the Revolutionary War. This is a picture of one that we saw. My favorite of all the monuments that we've seen lately is this one for a "Lurena Woodward". It was just beautiful, so here's a picture! We're hoping to head down to Buddy's again tomorrow, so that we can go back to the little cemetery down there. More on that later --- depending on how everything goes.

Yesterday, Elizabeth and I finished another music video. This time it was to Buddy's song The Ten Commandments. We really had a blast with this one, as it gave us a chance to do some fun stuff that you can't usually get away with. The song has a real Jewish sound to it, so we tried to go along with that in the video. All of the mountain shots that we used are of the Mountains of Sinai. It is also our first venture into using .png files in the video editing program. All in all, we were pretty pleased with it.

Last but not least, what in the world has "gummi pizza" got to do with this?! Not much. Mom and Elizabeth found the cutest little candy last week, and I'm sending it to a friend. But before I packed it --- I took a picture. Cute, huh?! More later.

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