Monday, November 21, 2011

More Cemetery Work and Thanksgiving Plans

The weather was great on Friday, so we did go down to that cemetery by Buddy and Kay's house. We were there for another four hours or so, and got quite a lot done. The goal for the day was to find the stone of Buddy's ggg-grandfather, George Washington Davis. Someone had posted a picture online of the headstone, but the photo must have been taken some time ago as the stone was still standing and readable. We were able to locate the stone, but it has since broken into two pieces and become almost illegible. It took me about five minutes to dig all of the pieces out and clean the stone off. We had been able to read the top part from the online photo, but not the "aged" line. Thankfully, that was the only part that had been completely buried and was, therefore, readable. We buried the stone again, once we read it with the footstone sticking up to at least read the initials.

Saturday dawned less sunny but still decent, so Pop headed out with us to locate some more stones. We uncovered a lot this time --- mostly babies and children. It is actually really sad how many "under tens" are buried out there. It seems that there is some kind of an underground spring or sink-hole under this cemetery, so a bunch of the stones are just falling over and/or sinking into the ground. There are quite a few that are actually tipping over, and you can see that they are actually in pools of standing water.

We've also been making Thanksgiving plans this week. We're going to the Wright's house this year, and so are the Keultjeses!! Yay! That should be a blast, so I can't wait for Thursday. We're taking Waldorf salad, lasagna roll-ups, pumpkin and pumpkin pie. Then, on Friday, we're going down to Kay and Buddy's for the day to practice some music together and work on their multi-track recorder. In that case, we're making two Thanksgiving dinners. So, we'll be cooking on Wednesday --- along with tons of other people, too! Well, got to get going. More later.

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving! Sounds as though you are having a wonderfully busy time.