Wednesday, November 23, 2011

'Twas the Day Before Thanksgiving . . .

Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and we've got most of our food ready! Elizabeth and I have spent all day in the kitchen, but all we have to do is bake the lasagna roll-ups in the morning and make the Waldorf salad. The salad just doesn't do well on the second day. I'm waiting for the pies to come out of the oven right now.

We ended up with four trays of roll-ups and stuffed shells. That gave us one for tonight, two for tomorrow and one for Friday. Not bad. It even looks like we're going to be blessed with some nice weather for the weekend. This is a great Fall. And you know what?! This is the first Thanksgiving in about five or six years where we haven't had some kind of snow. Several years ago we were actually snowed in!

It doesn't feel like it's already nearing Christmas, but we put on Holiday Inn while we were cooking. That made it seem more like this time of year. I'm ready for some Christmas music, too! So, it should be pretty fun over the next two days --- with plenty to post about. More later.

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