Wednesday, November 30, 2011

It's the first snow of the season!

It snowed last night! Not much, but there is some snow dust on the garage roof and sheltered areas of the ground. Wow. This makes me pretty happy.

Elizabeth and I are off to Buddy and Kay's today. We're hoping to finish up with that multi-track recorder --- well, Elizabeth and Kay are hoping to finish with it. Buddy and I are going to work on practicing a violin song together. We've been trying to do this for weeks, but by the time we finish everything else it's late at night. So, they're picking us up shortly, and we'll have some daylight hours to practice by!

We've been working on cemetery photos for FindaGrave. We actually went over to Chester Cemetery to take some photo requests. While we were there, we took about 115 pictures. There is an amazing monument for a family named "Swetland". They were pretty rich and quite involved in building up the county. This monument is about twenty feet high, and marks the grave of the wife and their first two baby children who died shortly after birth. Elizabeth was really attracted to it, because one of the babies was a little girl who died when she was nineteen days old. Her name was "Truanna", but her grave is marked with the pet name of "Truannie". Isn't that a cute name?!

Well, got to go for now. They'll be here any time, and I still have stuff to do. More later.

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