Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Happy Birthday, Mom!

It's Mom's birthday today! And it isn't every day that a birthday rolls around. We've spent the day at home --- nice and quiet. Mom and Elizabeth have really been enjoying posting the cemetery pictures up on the FindaGrave.com site, so they have been working on those all day. I haven't had much of a chance to blog lately. It looks like winter is here, but this is the nicest one that we've had in years. Not too cold and pretty decent weather --- cold and rainy for the last couple days, though!

Yesterday, we had to go grocery shopping. We could only put it off so long, but when you run out of butter, milk and Crisco, well, it starts to get serious. Especially when we wanted to make a birthday pie for today.

Edit: Photo added of the finished pie. It was good --- just not big enough.

We were down at Buddy and Kay's house again on Saturday to play some music. The two of us are going to play at one of Buddy's Christmas concerts in a couple weeks along with him and Charlie. That should be pretty fun, but since Buddy won't be home until the day of the concert that is the only rehearsal we'll get --- except for a final run-through before the actual thing.

On Sunday afternoon, Dad and I put the Christmas tree up. It is all ready to decorate (we even got the lights on), but we're having to leave it plain for a couple of days. Oliver thinks that it is his new tree house, so we're giving him a few days to get over the excitement. He's a cute, naughty Bunny!

Well, the pie is practically ready to come out of the oven, so I better get out of here. :) It's a peach pie! More later.

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