Wednesday, December 7, 2011

'A day that will live in infamy . . .'

This marks the 70th anniversary of Pearl Harbor Day. The day that the United States was bombed by forces of Imperial Japan. Considering that Elizabeth and I live in the era of 1935 -1945, it doesn't seem that it should be seventy years ago! We were just born too late, I guess. ;)

Mom and I spent a couple hours this afternoon Christmas shopping, so Elizabeth had to stay home by herself. We had success, but I can't say what we got, as she reads this blog sometimes. Keultjeses finally got their scheduling worked out and we have a date for our Christmas dinner. Yay! It wouldn't feel like Christmas if they didn't come over for Cuban dinner. I guess that means that we'll have to clean the dining room out before then. It's full of eBay packing supplies, but we're done selling stuff until the new year.

I started felting another doll the other night. After a lot of debate, I decided that it's going to be an Indian. This little Indian will be sitting cross-legged and making a sign in Indian sign-language. So far, he is two legs that aren't connected to each other. Quite a way to go!

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