Monday, December 12, 2011

Take a Look at My New Carhartts!

For months now, I've really been wishing for some Carhartts. A pair of Carhartt overalls for general yard work --- which would also come in handy when we're out working in these cemeteries. For some strange reason (and don't ask me why!) I am a literal dirt-magnet. Elizabeth and Dad can go out and work in a garden and come away with a couple spots of light dirt. I come away covered in dirt and mud and looking like a bedraggled mess. So, Carhartts should be just the thing.

Well, they weren't exactly in the budget at the moment, so I was figuring on waiting 'til Spring. God worked it out in a better way, though, because we got some on Friday! The Wright's are selling their house, so they were having a moving sale last weekend. We trundled out there and guess what?! They were getting rid of Rhianna's Carhartts --- which are practically new looking. So, for twenty little green-backs, I got a pair of overalls! Can't wait to go out and try them.

Somebody broke into our car again. This makes four times in the last two years. You'd think that this junk wouldn't happen in the country. Humanity is so low. I feel like Pa Ingalls in the Little House on the Prairie books. Too many people around when you can see the smoke from your neighbor's chimney --- and we can sure see a lot of chimneys.

On a nicer note: We spent yesterday afternoon putting up Christmas decorations. Still have the tree to do today, so I haven't taken any photos yet. Keultjeses are coming next week, so Gramma and Grampa called and they are sending a box with yuca, plantains, sour oranges and all kinds of things! I can't wait. More later.

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