Saturday, January 28, 2012

January Happenings and Nothings

We woke up this morning and there was actually snow on the ground! This is seeming like a forgotten pleasure of days gone by this year. Elizabeth is in a bit of a depression over it --- according to her, 'it's just not like Winter!' She was quite cheered up this morning, so she donned her boots and hat and traipsed out to fill her bird feeders and suet holders. These are some pictures of her feeling very happy --- a happy Winter girlie.

Poor Iveta. One of our little kitties. She hurt her leg last Tuesday, and has been having trouble with it since. She couldn't walk for almost a week, so we had to carry her everywhere (which is no small thing, considering that she weighs about 25lbs.) and keep her calm. She's started feeling better in the last few days, but that means that now she wants to limp around all over the place. She's very bored with her sedentary life, so it's hard to keep her from over-doing it. Of course, she still goes in for those long cat-naps, and she particularly likes sleeping on her back --- as is evidenced by this photo. :)

We had Buddy and Kay over for lunch the other day. We made a fondue, but it didn't turn out that well, so they'll have to come back to try it again. We all watched Winchester '73 together. That's a fabulous western film starring Jimmy Stewart and Dan Duryea.

Dad's spent the day at Cabela's with his fishing buddies, and I hear him coming in the door now, so I better get going. More later.

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