Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Browsing at the Library

We did a fun thing this weekend. All four of us went up to the Library for an afternoon of old-fashioned "browsing". This was quite enjoyable, as Mom and Elizabeth have been researching Morrow and Knox County history (some certain pioneer families in particular). They spent a while in the genealogy room, as this library is known having a lot of books about all of the central Ohio area. Since Mom's family originates in Cleveland, we've never studied the Central part of the State much. It's been quite interesting, and some of the stories are pretty amazing. It was rather like the "Wild West" here in the 1840s!

While they were thus employed, I spent some time reading through the Dictionary of National Biography (the British Edition) --- looking for various Clapham Sect people and politicians of the era. Unfortunately, they were missing the volume that would have had the bio on William Pitt. Boo hoo. I also browsed through some books on the artist, Sir Joshua Reynolds. He painted a lot of the Eliots of Port Eliot in Cornwall. What was fun is the fact that one of the books had a portrait that I have not been able to find anywhere online. This is Elizabeth Eliot, daughter of Richard Eliot and Harriot Craggs. Not much is known about the portrait, except that it was painted by Reynolds. She is presumed to be seven or eight years. The painting is now in the collection of Eastnor Castle.

One more thing that mad me happy: another picture of Edward James Eliot. This is an oil sketch by Karl Anton Hickel. Presumably painted in preparation for his famous The House of Commons 1793-94 painting. The UK National Portrait Gallery has record of this painting being sold in Paris in 1998, and I was able to find record of about three more auctions in the early 2000s. However, the current whereabouts of this painting are unknown. I was thrilled to get a photocopy of it, though! Too bad that a gallery doesn't own it.

Well, we've had funky weather this past week. Everything from 15'F with ice and snow to today with a high of 56'F and sun. Wacky January. More later.

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