Sunday, February 5, 2012

Meeting Jennie at the Art Museum

Today was special. Elizabeth's pen-pal, Jennie, came to Cleveland. She lives in MA, and she and Elizabeth have never met. Well, she was over in PA visiting some friends and was able to meet us in Cleveland. We met at the Cleveland Museum of Art this morning and walked through everything but the modern art wing. And that's a pretty decent trek.

The Museum is in the midst of a huge renovation at this time, so only about half of the collection seems to be on display. We were a bit disappointed by the lack of displays, but I didn't really remember anything but the Armour Court, so it didn't seem as obvious to me that things were missing as it was to Mom. The thing that really thrilled me was that they have a painting by Reynolds! I'd really been dying to see one. It was a lot bigger than I ever expected. We saw items made by Faberge and Tiffany. Swords. Armour. Tapestries.

After walking through the Museum for a couple hours, we got hungry --- so, we went out for pizza. That gave us a while to sit and talk to Jennie and just chat. It was great to finally meet her. We almost forgot to take a photo, but as we were pulling out of the parking lot Mom thought of it. So, we pulled back in and got a photo. :) This is Elizabeth with Jennie. More later.

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