Thursday, February 23, 2012

Celebrating Valentine's Day --- A Bit Late

Dare to be different. That saying was all the rage when we were growing up. Mom's family has been doing that for over ninety years at least, so it's nothing new to go against the flow. This year, we finally decided to get back to celebrating the little holidays. We had pretty much cut that out years ago --- just because it kind of happened that way.

Valentine's Day rolled around this year, but it was in the middle of the week. Not convenient with Dad at work. Besides, we really wanted to have Buddy and Kay over and they weren't home that day. Oh well, we waited until Sunday afternoon and did our thing then. Before Buddy and Kay got here, Mom and Dad had a scavenger hunt for us. That was FUN! The clues were written on vintage Valentines --- which I love. It probably took us an hour and a half to find all of the clues, and at the end of the quest: chocolates and presents. :) Elizabeth got a little silver charm for her bracelet of a hippo. It looks exactly liked her dearly-loved stuffed animal hippo, Priscilla. I got a whole bunch of vintage valentines to use in a scrapbook or something. Above are just a few of them.

Buddy and Kay came over right after we finished that, so we had lunch together and talked for a while. Then, we adjourned upstairs and watched a movie. Stagecoach, starring John Wayne and Claire Trevor. Everybody so enjoyed that one that we made it a double feature and watched Allegheny Uprising, also starring John Wayne and Claire Trevor. It's always fun to have friends over for movies, and we've already got a couple more films lined up for next time!

The weather is really warm these days, and Kay's wood ducks are already back. Canada Geese are here in droves, and a skunk was actually out and about our lawn the other night. He had the nerve to spray our car. Great. Just lovely. The trees, believe it or not, have actually started to bud. Two days ago, we had driving snow --- all the while the weather reports were saying partly cloudy with small chances of rain showers. Whatever.

We're signed up to go to a behind-the-scenes event at Stan Hywet in a couple weekends or so, and I can't wait. More on that later. One of the stamp shows is coming up, too, and we're thinking to go for a day to that. I've been working on felting lately, and the next doll is almost finished. Just a few more hours!
More later.

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