Friday, February 24, 2012

Just Having Some Fun

Yesterday was just one of those fun afternoons that works out on the spur-of-the-moment. The weather yesterday morning was gorgeous, so we all had a hankering to "get out" and do something. So, we decided to see what Buddy and Kay were up to at their place. Mom and Kay have been trying to "dig up" the history of their cabin, and to do that we needed to go out to the original site. With such swell weather yesterday seemed like the perfect opportunity.

By the time that we got down to their house, the weather was already cloudy and a bit windy. Good old Ohio weather --- but it wasn't too bad, so we headed out to the site. From everything that Mom has found, it appears that the cabin was actually a church. The church later took down the cabin and built a frame building on the old foundation. That frame building has since been expanded, but we were hoping that traces of the old foundation are still visible. Sure enough, we went over there yesterday and it is not only still visible, but also still intact.

There is a cemetery on the church grounds, so we walked through that for a little while. The original pastor (who also built and owned the cabin) is buried there. All of the graves are literally on the side of a hill, and not a little hill either! This is one of Ohio's famous rolling hills! Here is a view from half way up the cemetery, and a picture of Elizabeth and Kay enjoying themselves.

We headed back to Buddy and Kay's once everybody was a bit cold. We made some hot tea, set up the lap top and Mom started plowing through online records again to verify our findings. While she was hard at work there, Kay and the two of us decided to watch a movie. She just bought a new DVD that has four old-time westerns that none of us have ever seen. The first one that we put on was Whispering Smith, starring Alan Ladd and Brenda Marshall and Robert Preston. That was one great western! We were on the edge of our seats the whole time. And the color film for a 1947 movie was fabulous. Wow! After that, we decided to make some pizza and watch another movie. This one was Albuquerque starring Randolph Scott. That was another great one about a gang of crooks in the mining business. Definitely two winners.

For the past several days, in the evenings, we've been watching "The Saint" mystery films starring George Sanders. This is the first time that we've been able to get them from a library, and are we enjoying them!? I just love George Sanders, and we've never gotten to see a film where he actually stars. So far, our favorite one has been The Saint's Double Trouble. Elizabeth and I could barely breath through most of it --- everything happens that could possibly happen in a mystery! There's more fun on the horizon today, so it's off to get at it.
More later.

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