Monday, March 26, 2012

A Testimony of a Really Great Salesman

We had regular Summer weather all last week, so we took a couple of days and went out to a few more cemeteries. On Thursday, we decided to go to one in Belle Center --- which is just North of Bellfontaine. We looked it up on MapQuest, and it was only an hour and forty-five minutes from the house. Not bad. Well, actually . . . it was over two hours, really. I guess that's what happens when you actually trust those online directions! :) Still, it was a nice day for a drive, and Elizabeth had wanted to go out there for ages. There is a WWII gunner buried out there, and she really wanted to see his grave.

We took over 350 pictures and were there over two and a half hours. In fact, it was so warm and sunny that I got a pretty bad case of sunburn! I was still pink yesterday. Ugh. Anyway, this cemetery was a real testimony to a fabulous salesman. I don't know his name, but he obviously represented a monument company that made grave stones in the shape of trees and tree stumps. There must have been over thirty varieties actually in the cemetery. These pictures are a sampling of the different types that were there. We've seen a few like these before, but usually one (maybe two) in any given cemetery.

We had a great weekend. Spent Saturday around here. On Sunday, there was a potluck after church and communion. It was really nice, and we got a chance to really visit with Sarah. She also made really great macaroni and cheese --- which was swell! We spent the afternoon resting and doing "whatever". Stan Hywet opens for the season in six days! We're really looking forward to going up there again. More later.

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