Saturday, March 31, 2012

Playing with Bo and his 'Thomas the Tank'

This has been a pretty nice week, and since it's the last day of the month, I figured I would squeeze one more entry in here.

Wednesday was a really fun day. We went over to the Clark's house for dinner. It was a make-it-yourself taco/burrito dinner. They also had another family over --- they also go to our church. It was nice to be able to meet people from church that way, since we've only just started going there and don't know anybody very well. We were there for four hours and talking the whole time. It was so loud that Dad and Elizabeth were actually a little bit hoarse the next day.

I got to play with Sarah's little boy, Bo (short for Boaz), for a long time. He's about twenty months old, so we played with a Thomas the Tank engine. We tried to read a book, but it was all in Spanish --- and since my spanish was only good enough for a rough translation, Bo thought that it was a little boring. The moth that flew in the window and flitted around the room was tons more fun. In his little boy mind, anyway.

We've been able to go to a couple more cemeteries this week, but I don't have any pictures to post here. Imagine, all I took were the grave stones! Not sure what we're doing today, but probably something fun. It's all grey and cold here. We had awful storms last night and the tornado sirens in town were blaring. Can't wait for church tomorrow. The pastor and his wife are in Thailand, so Mr. Clark is preaching. He's always good. We're going to the Keultjes's house for Easter. Hooray! Can't wait for that. More later.

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