Saturday, April 21, 2012

1937 Edition of 'Gone With the Wind': A Real Find

You know, there are lots of things in Ohio that are considered, by most, to be sure signs of Spring. Buds on the trees. Groundhogs popping out of their holes. Skunks mating in your backyard. Orange construction barrels on the highway. Well, one of the sure signs in our house is . . .

Rummage Sales! We've had two of them this week already, and things are really looking up. Wednesday was the annual sale at the Congregational church --- that one is the best around here! We spent two and a half hours there and got some great stuff. Everything from a Berenstain Bears book to a stack of stationary to a mechanical pencil. Since we've been going to these same sales for about fifteen years now, a lot of the people know us (and vice versa). They told us that the Presbyterian church down the road was having their sale today. Wow! Two in one week. So, we marked it on the calendar and set off bright and early this morning.

This sale isn't quite as good (it used to be huge, but it's been dwindling in size over the last few years), but we did get a 1960s hardback copy of Gone With the Wind last year. We found some great note cards. A whole bag full, in fact, and then the two of us headed to the book section. Guess what!? Sitting on the bottom shelf, stuck among the pulp-fiction paperbacks, was a beautiful 1937 edition of Gone With the Wind! That was the edition that I've wanted for a year --- but they can be slightly pricey online. Here it was. Exactly what I wanted, and it was $1.00. It's amazing how God supplies us with even the little things that don't really matter. :) More later.

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